eWON Cosy 131 won't stay online

We’ve been having trouble with an eWON Cosy 131 going on two weeks now. It’s here in our office now where we can test more thoroughly. We’ve found that it’s disconnecting from the Internet shortly after its DCHP server assigns a LAN side address & that after disconnecting it won’t reconnect.

Here are some settings which might be of note.

  • FwrdToWAN = 1
  • LANDHCPSEnable = 1
  • NATITF = 3

I can provide any other details on our config that you need.

I also have an eBuddy backup including support files and a 2 minute video screen grab of our eWON’s status webpage.

Hello Mike,

You can attach the back up with support files of the unit?

I would like to review the event logs.


Thanks Kevin.

You didn’t seem to attach the backup with support files.


It was attached to my reply to your e-mail sent 1:50 ago. Its filename was eWON.tar.

Are you saying you didn’t receive the e-mail, that the e-mail arrived & the attachment was blocked, or that the .tar file didn’t contain the support files?

I have a notification that you responded to the forum topic, but i do not see any backup.

Please attach your backup on your next response through the website.


Hello Mike,

I did receive the back up.



Firstly, I would update the firmware to the latest version of of 14.6. IF you disable the DHCP server on the Ewon, does the connection maintain?


Thanks Kevin. Sorry for the delays. Let me know what you find.

OK, let me update first. Then I’ll test & answer your DHCP question.

Will the firmware update erase my cellular modem settings? I don’t have the SIM card pin and finding that information could take days.

OK, looks like I won’t be able to update firmware today. I do still need to know what this will do to my cell modem settings so please do get back to me.

Yes, the connection maintains if the DHCP server is turned off with 14.2.s0. I’ll let you know about 14.6.s0 when we get there.


The Modem settings are fine. They should not be erased when you upgrade the firmware.

Try with the firmware upgrade and see if the issues continue to occur.

Thanks Kevin. I upgraded the firmware & it didn’t affect my modem settings as you expected.

I’m still having the same issues with 14.2s0. Did some more testing & found that it’s not actually the DCHP server. I tested with static IPs on the LAN side & noticed the eWON’s Internet is fine until DNS info is added to the static IPs network settings.

It’s when the DHCP server gives the DHCP client the IPs for its DNS servers when the eWON looses it’s Internet connection.

When the eWON’s DCHP server is disabled the eWON looses its internet connection when a device with a static IP with DNS connfigued is connected to the eWON’s LAN side. If that static IP device is configured without DNS it can connect to the eWON’s LAN side without disrupting the eWON’s internet connection.

When the eWON’s DHCP server is enabled with the servers’ DNS IPs removed (LANDHCPSDns1 @ & LANDHCPSDns2 @ a DCHP client gets an address & can access LAN side devices without disrupting the eWON’s internet connection.

I’ve e-mailed a fresh backup from our 14.2s0 Cosy including support files to support@hms.how and asked that they forward it to you.

Any progress on this @Kevin_hms?