eWON Cosy Fallback


Is it possible to have a Cosy 131 Wifi (by example) and using it with a fallback to the Ethernet connection who will have the two WAN connection always active ? I don’t necessary want to use the _WANFbckMaxDuration_or the WANFbckMinInterval?

If I loose the Wifi Connection (Primary WAN connection) I want to fallback on the Ethernet COnnection (Secondary connecton) and when I am using the Secondary Connection, if the Primary WAN is available, I want to switch immediately to it.

Is it possible to do this ? Actually, I need to wait for the WANFbckMaxDuration reached to switch to the Primary WAN…




This would not be possible. When setting up the WAN connection you will be asked if you would like to setup a fall back, but it is not possible to have two ethernet WAN connections as a fall back. You can only set one WAN fall back.