Ewon COUNTING digital input and displaying counts/hr on dashboard

Using a digital input, want to count inputs and display on web browser, counts per hour/total counts in 24hrs etc. ALSO would like to log data historically to a csv.

Was thinking using Ewon with digital input card and scripting/programming counter calculations in Ewon.

This might depend on your use case. The ewon does not have a built in digital input counting option but through scripting it could count. The digital input is slow how ever and takes about a second to register a state change. It can not count pulses.

It can log and create CSV log files.

Hi Deryck, in this case the Dig Input will be approx every 1 to 2 seconds(counting a large tray on a production line). IF the input interval is > 1 second I’d still like to consider this solution to save me having to work a PLC into the job just for 3 counts. Data I require: trays/hour - would show this on web browser(KPI). Also would want to log to csv - cakes per hour (every hour) AND total cakes per day. I am new to the Ewon so not 100% the way forward - started experimenting with the programming and I am progressing.

I recommend reaching out to your local distributor for selecting devices.

To point you in a possible direction the I would be concerned the ewons digital input would not be fast enough. What might be a better option would be to use a separate digital counter with Modbus support. You would then be able to use the ewon to read the counter value for logging, KPI’s, alarms etc.

I would recommend taking a look at the basic IDE info on developer.ewon.biz You most likely will need to use this to calculate the hour and day totals.