Ewon Firmware issue (ports and services needed)

We have many eWons at our facilities that are behind several firewalls to reach the internet. We are trying to update the firmware using the ebuddy, after selecting the right version and moving forward we get an error on the download.

seems like ebuddy is using the FTP service port 21. In order to setup a rule in our Firewall, What ports, services, IP address need to be added in our FW for the download to be allowed?

Thank you

Hi @Arturo,

Are your devices all on at least firmware 11.0 or higher? If not then you won’t be able to do an update over FTP and will need to do a recovery procedure described in the post below:

This doc goes over most of our used ports and addresses. https://hmsnetworks.blob.core.windows.net/www/docs/librariesprovider10/downloads-monitored/manuals/knowledge-base/kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf?sfvrsn=c86d7cd7_27

The issue also may not be that the error is because of the FTP, it might be that you need to do incremental upgrades before you can download the newest firmware. This is described in the first link

Tim. This info make sense. Let me try one more time and i will let you know what i get.


Sounds good,

Let me know if you run into issues