EWON FLEX 205 Connect to own SCADA


I am planning to develop my own SCADA to read data from my eWON Flexy 205.
If doing so, i need to use MQTT or HTTPS to store data to clouds and subscribe to the cloud platform? Can i use TALK2M APIs or M2WEB APIs to do so?
How can i link the data in cloud to my own SCADA, do you have any manual or reference that i can get through and look for it.
Thank you


Here is a document on setting up your flexy as an MQTT client. We do not host a MQTT Broker so you will have to use a third party such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.


if i am plan to use M2Web API to direct access my real time data and forward it to my own SCADA, is it able to do that?
For DataMailBox, the historical data can be stored maximum up to 10 days only right?


Yes, you can use the M2Web and DMWeb APIs to access your data from anywhere.

Correct, historical data is stored for 10 days max.


Hi Zach, the link is broken btw…is there a new link?


We had migrated the ewon support pages earlier this week so they documents now have different URLs. The link should now work.