Ewon Flexy 102 send Massage At every day at fixed time with Tag Actual Value

Hi we have been using ewon flexy 102 with 3G GSM Module i want send line speed Message with Actual Value of line speed at every Day at 7 AM how to configure it .

Hello Hardip,
Thank you very much for support request, For your application you can use planner in the Ewon flexy. There you can setup time that what time you want to send an sms. Please see below pdf for your reference.

For second option you can send an sms by using script,
Go to Setup → Basic IDE copy and paste this script enter mobile number and tag name.

ONDATE 1,“00 07 * * *”, “GOTO SENDSMSTOMOBILE” // Script will execute everyday at 7AM
d$ = “091840899993,gsm,0” //Enter you mobile number here
s$ = “Tagname” + STR$ Tagname@ // Enter Tag name here
Print “SMS Sent Successfully”

Best Regards…

As per your suggestion I copy and paste Script in Basic IDE and save Than Run Script but when I Back From Basic IDE Screen to home Screen and again come in Basic IDE Screen found Basic IDE scripts have dissapeared. again i copy and Paste But Result are same.

Also I am use task planner as per user manual but actual value not showing in mail see attached photo.

Hello Hardip,

You cannot just copy and paste that script in the Basic IDE, you should make changes as per the tag name and your mobile number with country code. attached *.txt file just open copy this paste in the basic IDE make the changes as per the application.
Send Tag value by sms.txt (301 Bytes)
Save and Run the script and check

Best Regards!

Yes i copy and paste than change mobile number and add tag as per my requirements save and run script but actual problem is script dissapeared. When go outside from basic ide to other page.

Hello Hardip,
What is firmware version of the Ewon Flexy? Can you update it with latest if it have older version?
For Updating version you need to connect Flexy to eBuddy Tools ----> Update firmware. recently we have release the official Firmware 14.4s0.

Best Regards!

Currently we are using firmware version 14.3.

Update firmware 14.4s0 and take trail but still result same see in attached video clip.

Please used the Init Section to write the script, No need to add section for ex. “Daily SMS”…
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Also I have quary when I switch off ewon power and again ON basic ide script STOP running. there is any function is there to script always running if power restart. Or automatic run while power is stabilized.

Hello sagar

Problem is solved after I type all script in manually by keypad. Not copy paste.

Thank for support.

Hello Hardip,
Good to heard that! Do you resolved all your issue? you no need to do anything to run the script just run it and leave it that’s all.
If not resolve issue. Can you send video to understand your issue?

Best Regards