EWON Flexy 201 - Sometimes stops VPN and WAN connections unless REBOOT

I’ll describe an issue with disconnection in 2 steps:

Part 1.
First request was through our partner in Feb 2020 as described below. After this request we recieved advice to update firmware. Firmware was updated to 14.1s0. Connection became stable, but during May we encounter with 2 similar issues.

We enconter with problem in EWON Flexy-201 device. From time to time EWON drops outgoing connection to VPN server and reply neither for PING nor for HTTP from Eth2 WAN interface ( Connection through Eth1 LAN ( works good, device replies for PING and allows HTTP sessions to its web page. After openning web page we can observe that VPN settings switches from «Establish outgoing VPN to server» to «Disable VPN».
Just switching this option back to «Establish outgoing VPN to server» doesn’t let it works again, so we have to run Quick Launch Wizard to setup VPN and enter global registration key, then reboot the device. After that manipulation device establishes outgoing connection to VPN and can reply for PING from WAN.
Device works well for several days and can suddenly stops its WAN and VPN connection as described above. Another time device could not accept any changes in configuration untill factory reset through web and power off\power on.
Device is connected to local network by its Eth2 WAN interface ( and to other network by its Eth1 LAN interface.
Static routes table is set up to let transparent trafic from Eth1 to Eth2 and vice versa. As well as traffic from Eth1 to Internet through gateweay
TYPE: FLEXY20100_00
FW: 13.2s0
Internet access: Ethernet INTERNET Connection
Maintain connection: checked
On demand Internet connection: from ANYONE EXCEPT …
Apply NAT and TF to connection: NAT on LAN (Plug’n Route)
Enable transparent forwarding: checked
Route all gateway traffic theough VPN: unchecked
WAN protection level: Allow all traffic on WAN connection (no protectionMOVED TO STAFF NOTE (182.5 KB) )
WAN IP forwarding: enabled
Proxy: disabled

Part 2.
A week ot two ago device stopped working until rebooted. Yesterday, March 27 at 09:00-10:00 AM connection through WAN and VPN was lost again until device was rebooted at 05:00 PM.
Backup with support files was made in about 20 hrs after reboot.


Looking at the backup of the ewon I don’t see any reason why it was not able to reach our servers. Based on the errors in the event logs we can see it was not able to reach out talk2m servers. When the backup was taken it had a WAN IP and was looks like it was connected. This points more towards an issue with the Internet connection then an issue on the ewon.

Make sure the firewall on the network isn’t blocking access for the device and there is access to the talk2m servers. https://ewon.biz/technical-support/pages/talk2m-status/talk2m-vpn-servers

Since you appear to be outside the Americas I recommend reaching out to your distributor for further trouble shooting they should be able to help you diagnose this issue quicker.