eWON Flexy 205 as standalone (no internet) PLC tag datalogger

We would like to log data to the Flexy 205 as a standalone data logger (no internet connection). The only time we would look at the data on the Flexy is when an engineer would connect directly to the Flexy from a laptop and download the data. Can this be done using eCatcher on the local laptop (no internet)? The laptop can be setup with address in the same subnet.

Yes, this can be done and we have customers who use the Flexy like this. However, you wouldn’t use eCatcher, as that is the VPN Client. You could connect directly to the Flexys IP address to view live data, or download historical data using FTP. You may be thinking of the eBuddy utility, which helps you locate the Flexy on the network.

eBuddy, Yep that’s what I forgot.

Do you work with Prashanth? He had a somewhat similar question, and I was going to set up a meeting with our pre-sales engineers to go over the use case with you.