Ewon flexy 205 cellular modem using too much data


I have an EWON Flexy 205 in the field and we are using a cellular modem to connect to it. The other day I upgraded the firmware and now its is using a lot more data to the point they are charging me for overages. What cause this extra usage of data.

When did the increase happen, after updating from which version to which version (for example 13.0 to 14.1) and how much data are we talking about? Keep in mind that downloading the firmware is going to use a certain amount of data depending on the update.

Also, are you using UDP or TCP for the VPN? TCP tends to use much more data.

I did the firmware update about two or three weeks ago. I didnt allow me to go straight from 13.0 to 14.1. I used ebuddy and had to go from 13.0 to 14.0 then to 14.1. The amount of data that is using now is 2 megbytes every ten minutes. Which is way more than normal. I will have to turn the cellular back on to find out if its using UDP or TCP. I will have the sim card vendor turn on now so I can see. Thanks!

OK. My guess is that it switched to TCP. If you can provide a backup with the Support files when you get it back up I can verify that something else isn’t going on.

Attached is the backup and I will troubleshoot this tomorrow. Thanks!

Thanks @augie,

It looks like you are using UDP aready. Are you exporting data via OPC UA? If not can you make sure it’s disabled:


No Im not using OPC-UA. I will make sure is turned off. Thanks!

Ok, yes it was enabled I disabled it. Not sure how it was enabled. I will monitor and let you know, thanks for your help. On to the next fire! I will probably call in with my next issue. Cant get a cellular modem working on another EWON. Thanks!

Kyle , I think something went wrong. After I changed the setting I talked to the cellular folks to monitor data consumption and they said it was unchanged then I rebooted it and now its gone completely. Any Thoughts?

The Ewon is gone? Do you have the serial number so I can look it up ? Do you have anyone at the site who can power cycle it? If possible, I’d like to do a factory reset.


It finally popped up but it took forever. Thus far Ive had the cellular folks tell me the data usage. Is there a way I can see the usage through the Config Portal? I think I see it on the summary page, is that the current data usage. Please advise. Thanks!

You can view data usage under Diagnostic > Status > System Info > Status on the Flexy.

How did you solve this problem? it is suddenly a big issues now.
We are setting up 2 ewons to communicate remotely. The one receiving the tag updates is consuming a lot of data and becoming very costy.

This issue depends on the root problem. Can you provide a back up with support files of the affected unit?

here is the backup

Hello Admin1,

I would advise to updatee the firmware to our latest. Are you sending data to this flexy, or from it? If you sending data, you may need to configure the origin point to limit the data and frequency.

Hi Kevin

We are sending data to the flexy, i.e it is receiving. We have updated the firmware and we will keep on monitoring it and give you feedback.