Ewon Flexy 205 won't reset after

Hi HMS team,

I lost connection with a Flexy 205 while I was performing a firmware update since then I have no more response from it. I try to reboot it and still nothing.

I tried a level 1 reset. But the led never when to blinking mode after 30 sec (3. Wait approximately 30 seconds until the USR LED blinks red 1x per second).

I also try the level 2 reset and again it doesn’t work.

When performing the reset procedure the USR led turn red after after 5-6 sec and nothing happend at 30 or 35 sec.

What can I do to restore my Ewon.


Hi @glwlash,

Can you try and go through the recovery procedure described below:


Hi @Tim_hms,

Thank you ! The recovery procedure worked!


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Glad to hear it’s working!