eWON Flexy 3G Dropping Connection


I’ve been getting a strange issue in the last few months with all of our eWONs, it’s not always been the case but recently (since Jan 2018) when I’ve connected to them for over an hour on eCatcher, it loses the connection for the next hour.

It seems to be fixed by the setting maximum call duration to 0 (no limit) as shown below.


The error I get is shown below, with it losing connection from eCatcher at 13:48, appearing completely offline from eCatcher and Talk2m for 1 hour, then appearing back online.


Now the no max call duration fix does seem to work, however I am worried at the logic behind this, what is the eWON doing in its offline hour, it’s almost as if it’s connecting to something else for 1 hour then it exceeds that limit so disconnects and comes back online visible to talk2m, you can see in the logs the last thing it says before it comes back online is the -22055 max connection time exceeded error, pretty much exactly 1 hour after the first one.

The worry I have is what if it somehow disconnects with the new setting, and connects or does whatever it does in that downtime hour, but as there is no limit, it could just stay in the other state indefinetely.

All my eWONs that have had this problem have done the same 1 hour downtime, so it got to the point where I could predict it would come back online after an hour so I just left it until it came back online, then changed that max duration setting to 0.

I would have thought that the purpose of the max connection time is just incase someone is left logged in, so it would disconnect but immediately be available again in eCatcher / talk2m.

Is this a bug or is there actually a reason for this?

Also, should I be worried about setting it to 0 incase it somehow stays in the invisible state indefinetely?

Hope that was clear and thanks a lot!


You should not be worried about setting the ‘maximum call duration’ parameter to a value of 0 as this is the intended value for a permanent WAN connection.

Can you send me a backup of your device (including support files) so that I can take a look at all your device settings?


Thank you providing the backup.

Do you know a specific time that the eWON would go offline for an hour? You are correct that the eWON should come right back online after disconnecting.

In your backup logs, I do see that it’s opening a VPN connection just a couple minutes or less after disconnecting.


I think the later ones are after I had changed the max connection time to 0.

There is 1 at 13/03/2018 13:48:24, which I lost connection for 1 hour until 14:48:57, the same thing happened at 11.47 on the same date



The logs show the device opens a VPN connection 25 seconds after (13:48:55) the maximum connection timeout occurred.


If the maximum connection timeout parameter was set to 0 during this period then the device should not have logs indicating there has been a maximum connection timeout.

Can you provide your eCatcher logs at that time to see if it aligns with the eWON’s logs?

I would continue to use 0 if you prefer a permanent WAN connection as it appears the eWON has not had any timeouts for the last ~7 days.