Ewon Flexy 4G not stable



I wanted to program an EWON 205 with 4G module to put in a
station but I encountered a problem.
The VPN connection is not stable and we also see that sometimes the modem
loses configuration.
I tested with another modem and another 4G card … the same.
the signal is rated 3G + and not 4G ??
If I replace the 4G card with a 3G all is well.


Hi Kirty,

Can you go on and show us what the signal strength is of the 4G card you’re using? You should be able to find that in the location seen below


good evening, attached screenshot




Hi Kirty,

Sorry for the delay, it looks like you have the 3G currently in based off the picture above. Can you try putting the 4G card in and making sure it’s set to 4G in the area highlighted below and then check the signal strength?

Can you also send us a backup of the device from eBuddy with the support files included?


Good evening? yes tests in automatic always 3g + and on 4G the modem seeks on which operators to connect.
yet our mobile phones connect in 4g on the internet and the coverage is optimal at proximus

Kirty one


Are you sure that the Sim card that you bought allows for 4G connections?


Hello, yes the new Proximus sim card are compatible 4G



What is the number on the bottom of your card that you’re using to connect to the internet? Does it show FLB 3202?


Good evening here is the information on the modem card



Hi Kirty,

I think it might be easier if you contact your distributor in Europe. We don’t have much information on issues with those cards because we use different ones in the states.


Good evening, sorry for late respite.
But we abandoned 4G and continued on 3G.
We hope the 5g will be better.

thank you