eWON Flexy Alarm Tag Values & Global E-mail Recipients


2 Questions here related to alarms.

  1. Is there a way to apply a global e-mail recipients list for alarms, instead of having to go through each tag’s alarm. A lot of our eWONs go to different customers with exactly the same config but different e-mail addresses for alarms so it would be helpful to just change it in one place. The only solution I can think of so far is to download the var_lst.txt and do a find-replace.

  2. Is there a way to get the value of a tag when it triggers an alarm? I don’t think it appears in the EBD request when getting the alarm list. Rather than just type (HI, LO etc.) is there a way to get the numerical value?

Thanks a lot!



1 -

Unfortunately there’s no global email recipients list for alarms but that does sound like a good feature for the future. I will pass this along to development as a requested feature.

You can use scripting in the eWON to update all your tag alarms.

How to run the script:
You can just type goto updateAlarms in the console to run the script or even create a boolean tag and trigger the bit like in my example below:


Init section:
ONCHANGE "EmailUpdateTrigger", "Goto updateAlarms"
emails$ = "myemail@example.com,test@example.net" // this is he email string you'll update

    //get tag count

    For i%=0 To (C%-1)
      Setsys Tag,"load",-i%
        Setsys Tag,"ETO",emails$ 
        Setsys TAG,"save"
    Next i%
    CFGSAVE : REM Writes configuration to flash
    LogEvent "email for alarms changed to: " + emails$,100


2 -

You can use an EBD with $dtAR to get all your tags real-time values but if you just want the tag value for the tag that is alarming then you can configure an alarm template in the eWON.

Using <#TAGVALUE#> in the tag alarm template will show the value of the tag that triggered the alarm email.