eWon Flexy Non Talk2M VPN


I have a long standing relationship with a M2M data SIM provider which has previously given me remote access to devices through a VPN service.

While I have been very impressed with the Talk2M service provided as standard with the eWon, I would like to use the SIM and VPN service provided by my partner utilises, and I don’t necessarily require the concurrent use of the T2M service.

Is there a guide available regarding the set up of a data SIM service within the Flexy 205 with the 4G Europe Extension modem, particularly with regard to port forwarding to access devices on the Flexy LAN network?

My ultimate goal would be to poll various devices on the Flexy LAN such as PLC’s, Modbus devices etc. and utilise MQTT within the Flexy to transmit the data, while still being able to log into the web interface of the Flexy and LAN devices to allow remote commissioning.


Hello @Philip.OReilly,

I am not sure we have any dedicated instructions for something like this but we might be able to make some suggestions here. Can you elaborate on what you are looking for? Are you looking to access the ewons LAN from the WAN/modem? Will you be using a private cellular network? Allow access from a public IP is not recommended.

We have this document on proxy/port forwarding for the flexy, while the screen shots are out of date the info should be valid. https://hms-networks-s3.s3.amazonaws.com/original/1X/5f466d243e87ce60c2be7ec8e25414502740fd24.PDF


Hi Deryck,

Thanks for the response.

We use a Mobile ISP that provides us SIM cards with static IP’s in a private network, accessible via a client running on a server within our organisation for remote management of devices on site networks. Typically we would be able to install the SIM in a IoT device like the eWon, and while connected to our client, access the web interface of the eWon via the static IP assigned to the SIM card.

I have been working with this over the past few days and have hit a few roadblocks. Firstly, I have managed to set up internet access, and also the configured the eWon to allow LAN devices access the internet too which is required for our application. However I’m not able to access the eWon using the SIM IP address as we normally would via our client on our server (not even allowing a ping), so I’d like to know is there further configuration or rules required for this, possibly using the VPN settings on the eWon?

We would also be setting up port forwarding to allow access to a specific port on a PC on the LAN network of the eWon, in our case 8080. In the past we have simply had to navigate to the SIM IP address with the port included (e.g. which just opens up our Java based application in a web browser.

If you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


To access the ewon from the WAN interface you need to set the WANItfProt = 2(allow all) . This can be set from system> storage> edit com cfg.

This will allow access to the ewon outside the VPN and LAN.
ewon-comcfg-txt.pdf (windows.net)

You can then enable the proxy and forward port 8080 to your lan devices IP and port.