Ewon Flexy Range with AB PLC

I am trying to Data Log with one of PLC Allen Bradley.

The IP is 10.40.100.X on a subnet of
my Ewon is in the range of

Still the Status tag is showing me 2.

Let me know where I am going wrong?

What is the IP address of the PLC? Is it between 161-174?

Have you followed these instructions?

it is 178 by the way. is NOT in the same subnet as when the mask is


Hello Kyle Yes Sorry about it.
There is new query I am having.
are on the subnet of

Can all 4 PLCs able to communicate since are on different subnet.

I Tried with above 3 yes I am able to get communication and log data but I am not sure how will it go 10.40.100.X one

It’s in a different subnet than the other 3, so they can’t communicate without a router between them.