EWON Flexy - Round Timestamp with DataMailBox

Dear Support,

On an EWON Flexy, I am logging the datapoints historical values and publishing it on DataMailBox. The data is logged based on the “Logging Interval”. Is there a way to log the data with round timestamp ?

For exemple : If the “Logging Interval” is set to 600 seconds, logged timestamp will be 14:10:00, 14:20:00, 14:30:00, etc. rather than 14:12:05, 14:22:05, 14:32:05, etc…

Let me know if there is any feature allowing such historical data logging.

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Hi Robin,

No, this feature is not available for automatically logging data on the Ewon. However, if you use the LOGGROUPIO Basic command to trigger logging a group of tags, you can specify a rounding time of up to the nearest minute. Here is the relevant excerpt from the Basic reference guide:

Thank you for the suggested workaround, working as expected !

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