eWon flexy very slow response

I have this eWon has been OK, from some point, we get really slow response. I get connected in ecatcher, then ping, I get this…

Hello, I’m not sure what happened but I can’t see what you meant to post after you wrote “I get this…”

Can you give us a backup.tar file from ebuddy with the support files included?

Hi Tim, Thanks again for your prompt reply.

I can not make any back up, it has an error

Just in case it helps.

Hmm, what kind of WAN connection is this device? 3G/4G/Wifi/Ethernet?

Can we try and manually set the DNS to be and Also if we have somebody local to the device can we try and update to the latest firmware?


SOrry Please ignore my previous post, this is the backup tar file with support file


Had some luck today, please find the back up file

Can you please select “include support files” when making backup and re-post.

Thanks Kyle,

in my second post with an attachment, there was a backup file (1.1M) with support file

OK thanks, I just opened the most recent. This appears to be a DNS issue. You are using an internal DNS server, so I recommend changing that to a public one, like Also, you are running older firmware so I would recommend updating to 13.0 and then to 13.2s1. This should solve the issue, but if it does not, please let me know.