eWON GE Fanuc - Proficy

Have a new eWon online at another facility connected to a GE Fanuc PLC. I am trying to use Proficy Machine Edition to get online with the program remotely. I have the eWon online and I am connected in eCatcher and I can ping the PLC but when I try to go online with the PLC the attempt to connect times out.


Can you advise, when connecting does the entire vpn tunnel drop or does the hardware simply not connect?

The hardware will not connect, I was just curiours if anyone had this issue with the Fanuc or Proficy before. I have another eWon at the same facility connected to Allen Bradley PLC and I have had no issues.


For Fanuc devices we do typically need to disable our Plug n’ Route feature. The communication method Fanuc devices use do not quite ‘agree’ with this feature.

Now the only caveat with disabling plug n’ route is you will need to set the Default Gateway on all LAN devices to use the eWON LAN IP.

Ok I am just getting in for the day. I will try this and get back with you. Thanks

Changed the setting on my ewon cozy and set the gateway ip on my PLC to the ewon LAN IP, I can no longer ping the PLC when connected and still cannot go online with the software


After making this change you need to ensure that you have set the default gateway on the LAN devices to be the eWON LAN IP. Without this your devices will not know where to send their data.

Does the subnet mask of the fanuc need to match the LAN Subnet Mask of the eWon?


Yes the subnet mask should match.

The key and the issue you ran into earlier is that you need to set the default gateway of the FANUC device and all other LAN devices to be the IP address of the eWON’s LAN. Once you do that you can disable the plug n’ route option safely and we should be able to get you online.

I’ve set the gateway, disabled plug n’ route, can now ping the plc, but software still will not connect


Would you be able to send me a private message with you contact details? I’d like to have a call and get live with you to look at this.

ok when at the facility with the ewon, I can connect to the plc using ecatcher over wifi and a wired connection, but I can’t connect from our other location so I am thinking it’s an issue on our end.


I would be inclined to agree. When you have time as previously mentioned I am more than happy to take a look with you to diagnose further.