Ewon Level 2 Reset

I know a level 1 reset will not remove the talk2m configuration, but what about a level 2 reset?
I was under the understanding that in order to remove the talk2m activation, the ewon either needed to be removed from the associated account, OR in extreme or demo cases an activation key could be generated to removed the T2M config.
Seems like a lever 2 will reset EVERYTHING, so will the T2M configuration still be attached?

A level 2 reset will remove the Talk2M configuration from the Ewon, but the Ewon will still be associated with the account in our servers, so it cannot be registered to another account until it is deleted from the current account. However, you will have to run the T2M Wizard again to reconnect it to our servers - it can only be associated with the original account until it’s deleted from the account using eCatcher.

So It does remove it, and it needs to be reassigned, but can only be reassigned to the account it was previously assigned to until it is deleted?
And is deleting it from ecatcher as simple as literally going into the ewon properties and hitting delete?

Yes, that’s correct. It’s removed from the Ewon’s configuration, but the device will still be associated with the account until it’s deleted in eCatcher.

Yes, exactly.