EWON Netbiter EC350 - RS232 readout


I’m wondering if someone can help me to answer my question. I have an EWON Netbiter EC350 and want to use this device to read the raw data on an RS232 line. This line is used in another device as line of communication between different components. The EWON should only records what’s being send on this line, nothing more.

Is the EWON NEtbiter EC350 suitable to read out the raw data on this line (HEX)? I have done some research and as far I can see the EWON acts as the master. Therefore many options need to be set. I’m wondering if this device is made for the relatively simple task I want to do.

The information that iI have available is the baudrate, parity, stop bits. With this info I managed to make it to work on my laptop with a RS232 inspection tool. I want to receive the same information on the Argos platform.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Netbiter can not read raw Hex data. You could possibly use an Anybus Communicator to read the raw data then read the data from the communicator using modbus. The netbiter does only read one modbus register as a tag and this could be a limitation. You could also use a flexy with some custom basic scripting to read in the raw data.

I recommend reaching out to a distributor to explore these option further.