Ewon not connecting to VPN


ewon not connecting to VPN, they have replaced the ewon already. have updated firmware, tried different settings, UDP/TCP, etc. had 1.5 hour call trying to troubleshoot. tested internet connection, ewon passed internet wizard once and every step of vpn wizard except last.


I was just looking at the packet capture this afternoon because this issue has been bugging me and found some unusual things. There seems to be a switch or some other device encrypting traffic between itself and the Sonicwall. Also, some bytes added to the end of frames called a VSS-Monitoring ethernet trailer?

I looked up VSS Monitoring and it’s some kind of network tap: https://enterprise.netscout.com/enterprise-network/network-monitoring/Tap-Solutions-VSS-Monitoring

I’m pretty convinced there is some other device somewhere on that network that is interfering with the VPN by doing deep packet inspection, or something similar. I am curious what device has the IP address

So I agree that going with the cellular connection to bypass this stuff is the best plan!