Ewon Osisoft capacity

Hello, we are testing the Osisoft PI connector (GitHub - hms-networks/flexy-osisoft-connector: Java application to push tags to an OSISoft PI Server latest version 3.0.14) We have been able to configure the interface and it is working but it seems to be very slow.

We need to push around 100 values every seconds from a Rockwell Control Logix PLC and it is not capable to handle the load using the java apps.

When we are using a Basic script to push it using MQTT, the flexy can handle it without problem but we loose the buferring advantage of the Osisoft interface.

Do you have any idea what is the limit of the flexy for that type of task?


What was the recording frequency of the 100 values you were pushing successfully using the Basic script?

I will reach out to the developers of this connector for more information, but generally we don’t have specific limits defined since they depend on factors like the connection strength and other tasks the Flexy is performing.

We test in a lab. We pull 100 values from a PLC every second et push in into MQTT or OSISOFT PI.