Ewon Remote connection + NAT

Hi all.

in our application we use Ewon Cosy in order to have remote access (through VPN) . so the WAN port is used for the remote connection, and normally is configured with DHCP or with the IP indicated by the customer

Sometimes it happens that our PLC has to talk with other PLCs (wich have nothing to do with the WAN network) in the line, but our PLC has only one network port, wich is connected with the LAN port of the eWon. So in these cases, what we do is changing all the local IP addresses in our cabinet, to make them agree with the other PLCs of the line

I was wondering if eWon (cosy or other models) can provide a second LAN for my PLC. In this way I could leave the WAN port free for remote connection, I could leave always the standard IP on the PLC and I could NAT the data from my standard local network to the “new” nework, wich IP can be set according to the other PLC in the line.

I hope that everything is clear.

Thank you

If the other PLC is on the same network as the WAN then you could set up NAT 1:1 following these instructions:

kb-0289-00-en-connect-to-devices-on-ewon-lan-from-computer-on-remote-site.pdf (windows.net)

If I have two devices on the LAN side and both has two different IP what should I do?

ex IP1 : 192.168.1.xxx
IP2: 172.17.9.xxx

Please go to support.hms-networks.com and either create a support case or a forum topic there for help with this issue, as we have migrated platforms.