Ewon security and networking


I was asked several questions by a customer’s IT department and I was not able to find any answers here on this forum or on any other sites by HMS.
They’re asking these questions because we’re trying to get internet access through their network via WIFI or Ethernet.
Maybe someone can help me here:

  1. Do the VPN servers utilize static public IP’s? If so, where can I find them in order for them to whitelist them?
  2. Is port 80 actually necessary if we’re also using 443?
  3. Do you utilize any port security on the Ewon device itself? If so, is arp cache or any other mitigating controls used?
  4. Can ethernet ports be turned off?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hello @pstark ,

You can find the IP addresses on this site. Ewon Technical Support - Talk2M VPN Servers
KB-0209-00 Provides additional information on what we require to be whitelisted.
2) I believe port 80 might only be used for the internet test and is not used for operation.
3) When setup up the default config blocks incoming connections on the WAN.
4)The digital input on the Cosy plus can be used to disable the WAN connections.

Hello @deryck_hms

Thank you very much for the quick response!
Your answers are much appreciated.

to 4): So, LAN ports (physical sockets) can not be turned off?

Best regards

No, you cannot completely turn it off there would still be a network link. However, disabling the WAN interface would leave the port empty with nothing to respond.