Ewon solution proposal

Hi Tim,

I cordially greet you to communicate that we did well in the presentation of the project with real-time monitoring with viewON. Now a new stage is presented, in which we must propose equipment and costs for a need proposed by management.

To monitor 4 processes with a total of 2300 tags, which I would recommend regarding hardware (Ewon 201 / Ewon 202 / Ewon / 205) and why I would recommend it, which differentiates one from the other with respect to data processing and storage. Another important point that we would like to know is if the 1GB monthly bandwidth traffic is enough to monitor that amount of tags, or that you would recommend.

These details will be presented on Monday, December 16.

I will be attentive to your answer.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Anthony_Ewin_Perez_L

Unfortunately I am not able to answer some of these questions and you may need to contact sales. I’ll check with sales and see if there’s anybody free to help work on this with you.

Best Regards,

Hi Tim

I cordially greet you to request your support with an eWon connection problem, It happens that approximately every 1 hour and 30 minutes, the ewon leaves both WAN and LAN network, then it returns again, it seems that it made an IP conflict, however I go to see the records of events and I sell the following ad that I show in images.

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your cordial greeting. Can you please provide a backup of the Flexy created using eBuddy and including the ‘Support files’? This will allow me to examine the full log and applicable settings to this issue.

Also, can you explain more about what you mean by:

Did the WAN address change?

Thank you,


Hello kyle,

I cordially greet you for your prompt response, we really trust Ewon Flexy technology, we hope to solve this little problem, please could you tell me how I can make a backup with eBuddy, any manual you can give me?

Regarding what I said, about the IP conflict, I am wrong, I just read that "The reason for restart is: There is not enough memory ‘’

How would you solve this dear?

I will be attentive to your answer.



Open eBuddy, right click or select the eWON and click Backup/Restore:

If you want the logs to be included, click “Include Support Files”. If the Backup will be used to restore an eWON do not.


Click Passive Mode for Passive FTP mode (optional) and enter your eWON’s credentials.


Choose the directory in which to save the Backup File. The file is compressed into a .tar file. You can use a file manager like “7-Zip” to extract the files.


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