eWON Talk2M VPN Range

I’m inquiring about the client VPN range used by eWON’s Talk2M service. I understand that the Talk2M-eCatcher VPN client typically assigns IP addresses in the range of to with a subnet mask of (or ).

As we are planning to deploy this in an enterprise network, I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to configure a smaller IP address range for the client VPN. Could someone please provide information on how to customize the client VPN IP address range for Talk2M, or guide me to a trustworthy source for this information?

I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thank you!"

Hi @Arno_Vansteenkiste,

This is managed by T2M, so it can’t be changed on the client end. However, there are different ranges for different servers.

If this is creating a conflict for you, I would reach out to your local support team at support.hms-networks.com, and they can help you with a workaround.