EWON VPN Tunnel Error after updating Ecatcher to latest version

I have just update my Ewon Ecatcher software to latest version and can no longer access any of Ewons at customer sites. I get the following error

VPN tunnel error: Error: When using -ip-win32 netsh, if you have more than one TAP-Windows adapter, you must also specify - dev node.

I have tried renaming adapter as per information found in forum but then get a different error:

VPN tunnel error: TAP Windows adapter ‘Talk2m-eCatcher’ not found. However when I check in Networks and Sharing Center the adapter is there and is named correctly.

Everything was working correctly before updating Ecatcher to the latest version., can you please advise on solution to the issue

Many tanks

Since updating to Ecatcher 6.6.4 , i can no longer go online with any Ewon units at our customer sites.

I keep getting the error message: VPN tunnel error:Error: When using --ip-win32 netsh, if you have more than one TAP-Windows you must specify --dev node.

Hi Bruce,

Can you share what the adapter looks like in your network connections.

Hi Zac

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witht eh adapter we want to make sure it is just a TAP- Windows Adapter V9 and has no numbers after it like this:

It is fine if there is a red x as long as it is enabled since it will go away when you have an active connection.

What you can also try doing is changing to adapter in eCatcher from Netsh to DHCP in the settings and then restarting eCatcher.
This can be found by going into settings on the login screen. Then VPN Drive Settings

Hi Zac

It looks like I had 2 Talk2m connections. I renamed them as the TAP one was not named correctly – it now appears to be working.

Many thanks for the support