Ewon without internet

Can I use ewon flexy without an internet connection? I would only like to set up a few tags I can historically trend through LAN connection. So we would access the the tags through configuration interface. If this is possible would this work with ViewOn as well?

You can use the Flexy without internet connection and use ViewON as well.

How would computer on the WAN side access the LAN side devices.
With Internet we would use e-catcher.

Customer does not want to give internet access to ewon.

If you want to give the WAN side access to specific LAN devices, you can use NAT 1:1 to make those devices available with an IP address on the WAN side.

If you have a Flexy, refer to this forum post: NAT 1:1 on the Flexy - #2 by support_hms.

If you have a Cosy, check out this document: Connect to a device plugged in the Ewon Cosy 131

Thank you. We already have a router that the ewon connects to on the WAN side so that seems to make the ewon redundant and not required since we can do the NAT there.

Was wondering if there is an e-catcher type solution that allows a computer on the WAN to tunnel through the ewon like connecting it via OPEN VPN?

I’m not sure NAT on the router will work, as by default the security features on the Ewon itself prevent connections from the WAN to the LAN except going through the VPN connection.

NAT 1:1 on the Ewon itself is likely the easiest way to allow a computer on the WAN to connect to a LAN device behind the Ewon. Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by an eCatcher type solution, and why NAT 1:1 will not fit your needs in connecting to a LAN device from the WAN?

I meant using NAT on the Router and removing the ewon, the router is also connected to the LAN for other purposes. We are already routing some IPs via the router. The customer is forcing us to remove the cell modem the ewon is currently using and wants to connect it to the router and not give us internet. We used the ewon to allow a remote computer direct access to the LAN.

Is the only way to VPN to the LAN side via ecatcher and the tunnel it creates while on the internet?

Thanks for explaining the specifics of your case.

eCatcher is the client software used to establish a connection through our Talk2M VPN servers to your Ewon. I believe it is possible to configure your Ewon to use another VPN server that you run yourself, but I’ll need to reach out to some colleagues tomorrow to see if we have documentation available on this.

However, you’ll still need an Internet connection at some point if you’re trying to establish a remote connection to the Ewon. I guess you might be able to run the VPN server on-site and tunnel through the factory network to connect to the Ewon, but you would still ultimately need a device at the customer’s location with an Internet connection, even if it’s not the Ewon itself.