Example Code and NUCLEO-H743ZI


Hello together
I’m using the NUCLEO-H743ZI Evaluation board without any Anybus module. The Goal is to use the NUCLEO-H743ZI in compination with the CompactCom B40 Brick - EtherCAT module. The corresponding adapter module is in production.

But in my opinion, the code should also work, i.e. recognize that there is no brick module connected.

I configured the example code for APPL_ADI_SETUP_BOARD_SPECIFIC and ABCC_CFG_DRV_SPI. In the main() Function I called: ABCC_HwInit(). The code was running in Debug mode.

The next step was to call APPL_HandleAbcc() in the while(1) loop. If I run the project in Debug mode the execution does not work properly. Meaning that the execution hangs in the starup_stm32h743xx.s file and does not jump to the main(). I have to push the Button Run several times to get to the main().
If I do not call APPL_HandleAbcc() the startup is correct.

If I flash the project, the controller does not start.

(Controller: STM32H743ZI)

Any Idea? Any comment is welcome.



Hello together,
it seems that we could solve our problem. After setting the option “Use MicroLIB” in “Options for Target / Target / Code Generation” it seems to work.