Example how to use Plug_Module and Plug_SubModule



I want to support end-user TIA-Portal programming of our Profinet device with ABCC40 module.
The end-user will select modules and submodules and arrange and place them how he wants to. Therefore I cannot implement fixed ADIs but should support pluggin (sub-) modules.

In your ABCC40 Profinet IRT Network Guide there are only less descriptions how to use API_Add, Plug_Module and Plug_SubModule.

There is a flowchart in appendix C.3:

In chapter 5.6 there is an example how to set module A to slot 1 and 3 and module B to slot 2. But for me it’s not clear how to implement it (e.g. there are only Map_ADI_Write_Ext_Area() calls instead of Plug_Module() - calls as in flowchart C.3).

In example code I can only find the defines ABP_NWPNIO_CMD_PLUG_MODULE etc. but nothing how to use them.
Descriptions in chapter 14.10 Network PROFINET IO Object (0Eh) aren’t clear for me how to use them.

Could you provide me one or more examples how to implement it into ABCC example code?
That would be really great - thank you!

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Hello Daniel,

Based on your location and the nature of these types of question please submit this request though our online support tool. https://www.anybus.com/support/contact-support



why there is now solution written?
For me that’s the purpose of a forum.
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Hi Matthias,

While we do allow people to ask questions on all HMS products on the forums, the U.S. team doesn’t have as much experience with these devices and you would likely get a quicker response by using the link below.

For our Anybus Embedded questions we typically ask our customers to submit their questions to https://mysupport.hms.se because this allows us to escalate questions and work with the developers of the devices