Field ethernet connection of Ewon Flexy 205

Hello just a general question. We currently have been working with the flexy 205 in the office. The LAN port connected to my laptop direct and the WAN port connected to the office network.

We are about to deploy in the field. We are going to be getting tags from a PC with a set IP address that is running Top Server. We are using the OPCUA functionality in the Ewon. This computer needs to connect to the Ewon and to the devices in the field (modbus TCP).

do we simply use the ewon LAN into the PC and the WAN to the field? How do you configure this when you have a computer connected to field devices that the ewon needs to talk with.

so to be clear we have PC (static IP) -> Field Converter (Modbus TCP to RTU - Static IP) -> Field Devices (Modbus RTU).

We need to have the Ewon talk to the PC and get online on the same network connection. We have remote access to the PC via Bomgar so it has internet access on that network.

The WAN and LAN cannot be coming from the same source since that would be the same network. If your field devices need to communicate with a computer on the WAN side you can try this setup.

another question - I have two ewon 205’s, both setup the exact same way both wired the exact same way but one I can access through the WAN IP address and one I cannot. For the life of me I cannot figure out why this is the case. Im wired on the network with my laptop and I cant even ping one of them but it says its online and everything is green, we have access to it through the LAN but not WAN for reasons unknown.

In order to access through the WAN IP address you need to change a setting in the comcfg.txt:

WANItfProt -> 2