Hi Everyone,

i have an Ewon Flexy 201, impossible to find LAN IP defaults :
I put this adress, Mask adress : on my network card.
However, Ebuddy don’t find it.
So I did a hard reset level 2, but, LAN 1 LES is red blinking slowly.
I installed wireshark software on my computeur for scan all events on the network => no success

Do you have a trick to find the IP LAN on ewon, may be by MAC adress?
Thank you a lot

Are you using the latest version of the eBuddy utility (12.4.2)?

eBuddy download

Are you sure that the reset completed successfully and did you power cycle the device once it completed? The USR LED should flash red after 30 seconds for about 5 seconds, then turn solid red when complete.

Have you tried using a different PC? Maybe there is a firewall issue or some other problem with it.