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I have a device gateway anybus 7007 s slave version 2.03.1 and it is connected to a rockwell plc, so I need the EDS file to install and make the configurations. Although I am struggling to find the right one, I downloaded one eds file but it seemed to not be the one. when I configure it on RSLogix it appears with a yellow triangle with exclamation mark. Is it EDS version problem? or could be something else?

005A000C004D0300.EDS (13.6 KB)

Hi @murilo,

Here is the correct EDS file for the AB7007. Please let me know if it works or if you have any other questions.

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Is there any way that I can upload the gateway configuration? I`m having the problem with the input size. but I don’t know how is it configured in the gateway.

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When I installed this one it seemed to not be the right one as well. I used another file.
mod2212.rar (1.6 KB). But it still not working, I having another issues with the plc configuration.

That version you used is for the same device, just an older version:

Yes, you can upload the configuration using Anybus Configuration Manager. It’s available on the download page for the AB7007 / AB7072 (same device but different versions):

You will need to use the RJ11 to DB9 cable that came with the device. If you don’t have it, you can either order one or make one according to the pin out in the User Manual Appendix B.3. You can connect a USB-to-serial adapter to the DB9, start the software, chose the correct COM port, then select Upload. This will show you the current configuration.

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Thank you, I am going to try this way.

You’re welcome.