Finding Unknown LAN Network IP's on Remote Network Via the Cosy

I have frequent situations when remotely flashing PLC firmware over a network will clear the static IP addresses on the PLC and assign a random ip address. Is there anyway to scan the LAN network of the Cosy and see what IP addresses/devices are showing up?

I am able to accomplish this via the Netbiter and the program called Wireshark. Wireshark will scan the tap adapter network and see the new IP of the PLC. I then can change my connection IP to the same network of the PLC and re-configure the PLC. When I tried to do this with the Cosy Wireshark only saw the external ip of the Cosy and I am not able to detect any of the LAN devices known or unknown.


I frequently use a 3rd party tool called Angry IP Scanner to locate addresses behind the eWON.
It is important to note however that this will only scan a specific subnet as you define it.

So say for example you enter as the network to scan, in order to be located your device must be within .

Live Example:

  • I know my eWON LAN network is 192.168.120.X
  • I do not know the LAN IP of the LAN devices

  1. Open Angry IP Scanner

  2. Set the IP Range to (in my case) and set the netmask to /24


  1. Press Start

  2. The scan will begin running. It may take a few moments.

  3. Upon completion you will see a list of all active nodes that could be found.

Scan Complete Dialog:


Found Nodes:


Angry IP Scanner: Download

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Awesome, I forgot about Angry IP Scanner. This takes a little bit of time but it was successful at locating my device!
Thank you!