Firmware 20.00.505 for Telit LE910-NA V2 is not available on site

Hi team.

The link to the 4G NA Modem Update 20.00.505 found on the page below is broken,

Would it be possible to get this? I am attempting to update a device that is currently on 20.00.502 which cannot be immediately updated to 20.00.507.


Just attaching some images.

This is the link on the page I am trying to download from:
download page

This is what I am met with.

You should be able to update to 505 using the SiB Fix Tool:

I informed the Ewon team about the broken link, so it should be fixed soon.

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Thanks. Was able to carry out the update to 505 then jump over to 507 with this.
Hopefully the link can also be corrected.

Thanks for the update, glad it worked. The website should be updated soon!

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