Firmware Manager II does not work anymore

I have been using the HMS firmware manager for 7 years for B40 brick modules (profibus, canopen, devicenet, profinet, ethernetIP, ethercat, and powerlink!).
The software has recently stopped working, although the configuration clearly indicates the presence of the mother and daughter boards as well as the HMS module when plugged.
Error message is “Failed to initialize ramloader” and sometimes “unrecognized module” whatever the type of module.

Any idea what may have changed?



Hi @PhilG,

Have you used this same PC successfully with the software before, or is this a new PC?

Have you tested this with multiple Anybus boards, or just one?

What version of Windows are you using?

Hello @PhilG ,

This error message typically indicates there is an issue communicating with the Compactcom. Is the windows Host application running?

Hi Kyle,
The PC has been the same for several years and I also tried on another PC for the same result. It’s as if a Windows update had changed something, or perhaps a hardware failure!?

Sorry: I use Windows 10 Professional 22H2 and yes i tried several types of cards.

Hello @PhilG ,

What state is the compactcom and USB development board in when you see this error? Can you verify the device is not in use. Are all dipswitches 1-6 off?

According to me switches are as usual (?) :
sw1.1 to sw1.6 OFF
sw2 ON
sw3 pos 0
sw4 pos 1

The device does not seem to be in use.

Does the following screen (automatic firmware update) normal ? I don’t remember it.


After discussing with HMS Support, the firmware updater now works for B40 Ethernet type modules provided you have previously deposited the firmware in the dedicated directory (!!).

Regarding other modules (i mean non ethernet) the message “Failed to initialize Ramloader” is always present.

HMS Support asked me to submit a request in order to study the problem.

Hello PhilG,

Thanks for following up here. It is a bit odd one type works while another doesn’t. I don’t think I have run into this issue myself. The team on should be able to help sort out what is going on.