Firmware updates for Netbiter EC360 (NB1022)

Hi. Where can I find download page for Firmware and documentation for Netbiter EC360 (NB1022)?
The EC360 does not really exist on Netbiter support pages.

Hello @torsae,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention I have let the product manager know. In the mean time you should be able to download the firmware to the device though Argos. Under Management > selected system > Firmware.

I expect to see the site updated shortly to include the EC360.



To follow up on this if you need to update the firmware locally you can use the EC310 firmware files on the EC360. The EC350 firmware will fail as it tries to update the modem with files for the 3G modem.


Hi Deryck.

Thank you so much.

Do you have release notes for Netbiter EC310 and EC350? I cannot find any.

We will also need release notes for EC360 when that is ready.


I do not think we have release note available for each release. I am reaching out to my colleagues to see what is available.


Hi Deryck. Thanks. Please keep me updated.

Please let me know when firmware for EC360 is available for download. In case customer tries to use firmware for EC350, will it break anything?

No, the upgrade will fail.