First HMS-EN2SE-R ever

First one of these but I have a familiarity with ETH/IP and AOI’s. Seem to be caught in a battle between configuration and connection. I can open the config app,. but can’t modify unless its offline and cant add it because its not configured right in some way. I need a starting point I can’t seem to find.

Tried to inhibit the module and received this error : (If the pic loads…)

You cannot make changes while online with the PLC. I think that’s the issue you’re running into. There is a step-by-step example on page 21 of the User Manual and we also have different examples on the forum HERE. Keep in mind, the EN2SE is the same as the Communicator with the exception of the AOP, so the serial side programming is identical.

For more info, see the Product Page:

I just added the empty device into the IO tree and even though it added without error, it fails to communicate. Since I have to add it to the IO tree to configure it, even offline, I would have thought it would at least not fault so early in the installation. I’ve not had that issue on anything else I have added except when the IP was wrong.
I clearly have no idea how this device sets up. Any chance of some screen time?

You just have to follow the instructions in the Studio 5000 Implementation Example in the correct order.

  1. Begin with the PLC offline, then add the AOP module and set the IP address using IPConfig
  2. In the module properties select “Change” under Module Definition and edit the serial network.
  3. Create the Process tags
  4. Connect and Download to the EN2SE
  5. Exit the Config Manager and click Yes to apply the changes.
  6. Download to the PLC and go online.

If you do any of this out of order then you will have problems like the ones you are describing above.

Following up with Jack on the support channel - I might need more handholding than the forum can provide this first time out.