FJ-RC-WMP-1 not showing ambient temperature

Hi! New here but have had a look around to find a solution. I have seen found similar threads but their solutions have not helped me.

I am using FJ-RC-WMP-1 to integrate with Control4. Everything works, except the display of the temp, which in config is reading -32768 (I understand this is a mathmatical number indicating an error). IBOX config and control4 are showing no errors. I have changed the function in Fujitsu wired controller to use remote sensor, and this displays correctly. So if that suited me, I would say all products are working as expected. But…

My particular situation is that I have four separate AC units and four intesis boxes all with the same issue. We intended to not use the wired controllers, as we have done so successfully in the past. Though I have installed the wired controllers remotely as a redundancy so client can control units if automation has an outage. I have been through the motions of removing the wired controllers and setting intesis as master, and adding the wired controllers and setting intesis as slave. I have also completely removed other integration for testing as well to eliminate those potential issues.

Any thoughts or recommendations for me here?


When the ambient temperature value is -31768, that denotes a NULL value. The Intesis Unit is not receiving an ambient temperature from the AC. Does the AC have a Temperature Sensor?

You can use the WMP configuration tool to see what values the Intesis unit is receiving from the AC unit.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting back to me. I do believe the AC has a temperature sensor. From the WMP Config tool I see everything as expected, apart from the null temperature. (getting feedback in both directions and says no errors)

In past installations where this has worked for me, the FJ-RC-WMP-1 used to have an external wifi antenna. The four I have received for this job do not. I assume this was a hardware update?


Hello Bonham,

The units with out the antenna are our second generation model.

As for the temperature sensor. If there is a sensor and reading, it could be the WMP is not receiving that value from the AC Unit. If you run the following command in the WMP Configuration tool, what do you get?


Any update on this issue?

Kind Regards


Was there supposed to be more to the post?


Hi Kevin, sorry for such a delay in this thread. I have the latest WMP config tool and I cannot see how to send custom commands? here is a screenshot of one of my devices. I have RC sensor turned off on the wall controller.


Going through the screenshot you supplied, the it looks to be that the AC is not sending Ambient Temperature to the FJ unit. The RX indicates messages sent to the Intesis unit from the AC. The -32768 indicates a null value.

You may need to review with the AC mfg how to set the AC to send those values.