FLB 3203 comms stop working after reboot

I have an eWon Flexy 205 with SIM card that has an active data plan. The site is remote and internet comms stopped working a few weeks ago. A technician went out to site and noticed the ‘STAT’ lights at the top of the FLB 3203 card were all off. He power cycled the eWon and the STAT lights turned on and internet comms started working again, so he left the site. The comms only stayed up for a few hours, then died again.

Can you please help advise what we can troubleshoot? Is there a chance the FLB 3203 has gone bad?

FYI we have another site a few miles away that has the same Flexy 205 and FLB 3203 and its comms are working 100% normally.


Hi @acj,

For time sensitive issues like this, you should always create a support case at https://support.hms-networks.com first.

9 out of 10 times we see this, it is because a cellular plan has expired or the cellular tower has been updated. Have you contacted the cellular provided to make sure everything is in order?

If the tech is onsite again, please have them get a backup of the Ewon with Support Files so we can see the settings and logs. Without that, we can only guess as to the problem.

  1. Call the Cellular company and make sure the card is active and connecting to a tower.
  2. Provide us with a backup with Support Files

Yes, there is always the possibility of a hardware failure, but that is rare. We would need the support files to determine this. If you can’t provide them right away, can you provide the serial number of the Ewon?


SN 2113-0254-24

Backup file attached - please advise, thank you!


Hello, could I please get an update if you’ve been able to review the backup file? Thank you.

Yes, I have reviewed the backup file. Something strange is going on as you appear to have a good cellular signal and everything was connecting fine on 3/16, but the suddenly it disconnected and hasn’t come back online with our servers. The logs are complaining about not being able to reach, which is a Talk2M server in France, but your Talk2m server should be in Washington. I tried moving the device to a different server, but it’s still showing offline.

I think I’m going to have to escalate the case so I’ll need you to open a support case at support.hms-networks.com.

If I open a case over there and send you the link, will you migrate the information and attachments? Or should I fill out everything from scratch?

It is very strange because there is another site only a few miles away with the same Flexy 205 and the same cellular card and cellular plan that is still working fine… The systems were commissioned over a year ago and the site has just started having issues in the past few weeks.

Please just reference this thread when you create the case: //forum.hms-networks.com/t/flb-3203-comms-stop-working-after-reboot/71959