FLB Certification


I have a costumer that ask for certification for every FLB to which countries it is suitable for.
Also, he asks for certification supporting WW radio regulation.

Where can I find those documents? I’m struggling in finding them on HMS website.

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Hello @Yair.Stolero,

The FLB documentation is available under the ewon flexys downloads page. The FLB modems installation guides include the regulatory information in section 3.



Ok found it. Thanks.
But I don’t find something like mapping of countries, as much as I know it depends on the FLB modes (3G, 4G, Verizon, Europe and North America).

Still not sure what are WW radio regulation and if there is HMS document the support that.

The 3g modem works world wide. The 4G NA card (FLB 3205) works in US, Canada, and Mexico. While the 4g EU card (FLB 3204) is targeted for anywhere out side US, Canada, and Mexico. The Verizon modem works anywhere Verizon has coverage or can roam.

For more specific details you can cross reference the band listed in the user manual with the carrier you are trying to use.

I am not sure what a WW radio is referring to.

@us_sales might know and might be able to provide a map for where each radio works.

4G_Band_Compatibility_Information_Sheet.xlsx (130.0 KB)

Here’s a spreadsheet that outlines which modem is required by country

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