Flexy 201 with FLB320A, with EE sim doesn't connect to internet

I have a Flexy 201 with FLB 320A, I have inserted a EE sim card but can’t get it to go online or connect to it with eCatcher. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

Hi @HaychPyro,

I would recommend creating a case with your local HMS office as cellular plans are different in different parts of the world. We aren’t familiar with the FLB 320A modem or EE sim card here.

Please go to support.hms-networks.com to create a case.


Might be totally unrelated but I’ve been having issues with EE sims recently, I can get them to “connect” to the internet via the wizard, although I’m not entirely sure they are actually connecting, I have several 0 data session start and end.

But the VPN connection times out on testing, I’ve spoken to the provider and managed to resolve the issue when the network provider “detached” my SIM from the network / location, then retrying the VPN connection seemed to solve the issue.

Interesting, thanks for the info @Cotopaxi_Telemetry!

Oh great thanks for the info! I’ll give EE a call, do you know what exactly to ask them to detach from etc? I think some of the technical support staff are clueless lol

So we got via Wireless Logic as a distributor for all our Sims, so they liaised with the network provider, it was referred to as a “cancel location” and “detaching” from the network, which I believe automatically re-attached / redeployed the location upon trying to connect to the VPN.

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Unfortunately EE had no clue on what to do to resolve this issue, they kept giving me the MMS proxy settings which have nothing to do with my issues on the Ewon, I decided to change to a Three sim card and this has resolved the issue. I can now connect to the Ewon through eCatcher with no problem. Thanks for the help and EE really needs to up there game

You’re welcome. I’m not sure who EE is. Is it Enabling Elements or someone else?