Flexy 202 DNS Settings

Hi folks

I have an eWon flexy 202 (13.2s1) that I’m trying to connect to an eFive at a given domain name.

I can connect perfectly when I provide the (current) IP of my eFive. But when I provide the domain name instead I get an error.

dns-No response from server

I have tried setting EthDns1 to and EthDnsAuto to 0. This had fixed the same issue on earlier firmwares but not this time.

Any ideas?

Hi James,

Usually I just recommend people use this doc when setting up a new eFive

How To Setup an eFive v1.2.docx (514.5 KB)

Is there a reason that you’re trying to connect using the domain name instead of the IP address?

Yes, I don’t have a fixed IP for my eFive. My broadband provider can’t provide one.

I already have several eWons successfully set up on this network using the same method.

If you don’t have a fixed IP address, how are mapping the domain name? Do you have a dynamic DNS provider?

Yes. The domain name is dynamically mapped to my broadband router. Which sits in front of my eFive.

Can you reach the eFive by domain name from an external PC?

What is the domain name you are using and who is the dynamic DNS provider?

Make sure you are using firmware 13.2s1.

I can ping the domain name from an external PC. I can also connect to the domain from an external PC using eGrabit.

I’ll not post it here but I can provide the domain name if needed. The provider is Blacknight Solutions (https://www.blacknight.com).

Yes, firmware is 13.2s1.

You can post your domain name here. We hide all personal info before approving posts. Alternatively, you can send it in a private message.

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