Flexy 205 4G modem won't work


I’m trying to configure a Flexy 205 (FW 14.7S2) with a 4G modem.

I use the quick guided assistant, and it turns always between “Soft Reset” and “Baudrate Configuration” and won’t finish the configuration of the 4G modem

When I put an other 4G modem in the same Flexy 205 I have no problem for the configuration. Have you an idea or have you already find the same problem?

When you use the other 4G modem in the same Flexy, are you also using the same SIM card?

If you are using the same SIM card with both modems, can you attach a backup with support files from the device after trying to use the modem that isn’t working? You can download one from the web interface under Diagnostic → Files Transfer by clicking “Support files” at the top right.