Flexy 205 Cellular - crashes when going online with connected PLC


I have a customer with an eWON Flexy205 using cell connection up in Canada. It is in the middle of nowhere but they are able to get a connection. they can VNC into the eWON with no problem, but once they go online with its PLC the connection gets flaky. The connection may or may not drop.

Can the sudden draw on bandwith “crash” the ewon or it’s modem?

I’m going to get connected with the customer to check on the Event Log, look for BASIC scripts, and take a backup in case any of this information helps determine the cause of this problem. I will post here with more information later.

I have more information from the customer to share:

eWON Serial Number: 1946-0173-24
Right now it’s showing as down even after reboot. Normally it’d pop up after about 4-5 minutes after a reboot. But this time I’m still seeing it offline after almost 30 min.

Unfortunately, the Flexy is still offline. Please let us know if there is any indication of the source of this problem from the Talk2M side of things.

Hi David,

There are currently no server issues. To understand what is happening I would need more information on t e Flexy.If a backup using eBuddy with support files included was made that would help with troubleshooting.

Hi Zach,

Unfortunately the eWON appears to be offline permanently now. I will report back here if it comes back online and we’re able to get a backup.


We will be the backup file in a week or so as the eWON is in a remote location, but I have more information:

This cellular unit is using an ATT sim card in a remote location in Canada (not great for ATT coverage).

Apparently the connection is always spotty, but works enough to connect and do a VNC connection. However, when the customer “goes online” with their Allen Bradley Micro800 PLC, the eWON loses connection permanently until power is cycled.

Does it make sense that a cellular unit with bad connection strength would disconnect permanently until rebooted when too much data is being requested?

I advised that it would be worthwhile to survey the area with cell phones from different providers to see what is best covered at this remote location; perhaps using Verizon would yield better results.

With Cellular they might want to try a more local cellular provider like Rogers if they think that will have better coverage. If the device went offline and has not come back it is likely retrying to establish a connection to the tower but failing. Everytime it tries it waits longer and longer to retry. To connect with an AB it requires many small data packets so it is possible with the bad cellular connection that the modem is either dropping from weak signal or restarting because it missed sending enough packets.