Flexy 205 communication issue


I have a customer who has a Fley 205 that randomly started dropping communication on LAN. They tried doing a factory reset and had no luck. User is reporting a flashing green USR light, which would indicate a conflicting IP, but this is not the case.

They can not see the eWON in Ebuddy except for during attempted recovery. Which appears to finish but then fails on the final step stating: “the eWON is not detected”. I did confirm they used a switch in between the computer and the eWON.

All these tests were made with no expansion modules plugged in. As an additional test, I had the user manually change their IP to the same subnet as the default eWON IP and they were still unable to ping the unit.

I wanted to see if there was anything more to check before sending it in for a repair.

Hello, a flashing green USR LED should indicate any issues. Do you know if the device was ever appearing in eBuddy for them? It might be that their computer is blocking broadcast messages.

If they hold down the reset button and then turn the device on while keeping the reset button held down, do they see the USR LED start blinking red and then turn solid red after about 35-40 seconds? If it give the device a few seconds and then power cycle it. Then try and change your computer’s LAN IP address to be in the 10.0.0.x range and try to ping

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It was on ebuddy, but it has since been reset while they were troubleshooting. I’ll have them try what you suggested one more time. If that doesn’t work what would be the next step?

If that doesn’t work then the only option might be to go through with an RMA if the device is still under warranty

I don’t believe it is, if it’s not can you let me know if we have other options?

Hi, Tim is out today.

The serial number you sent us is still under are warranty for the Flexy. If you you would like to give me you contact info (name, company, email) I can create the support ticket, or you can could instead log into support.hms.se and create the support ticket. Once that is done you will have to contact your distributor and request an RMA.