FLEXY 205 dropping communication on 4G while Using it Remotely

Every time we connect for remote after 2 minutes the flexy lost connection. We will restart by power off the flexy and it will come back again.
Using Flexy 205 - LTE/4G



Hi Daniel,

How long has this been happening? Was it working before or is this a new install? If it was working before, have any changes been made to the firmware or configuration?

Is this using the FLB3205 (AT&T) or FLB3203 (VZW) card?

Can you connect long enough to create a backup with support files? You can either use eBuddy (check ‘Include Support Files’) or click on the ‘Support Files’ link in the Diagnostic > Files Transfer section of web interface.

New installation and new added to our system.

OK, what about the other questions?

It will be hard to diagnose the problem without the support files.

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First, it looks like you have a very weak signal:


Second, are you using a standard cellular data plan? An IoT data plan (NB-IoT or CAT-M1 aka LTE-M) does not have the latency or bandwidth required to run a VPN connection.

Third, do you have the any IO Servers activated? I do not see any tags, but there are repeted Ethernet/IP CIP errors. If you are not using the ABLOGIX IO server, can you make sure that it’s disabled? Make sure the follow ‘Enabled’ boxes are not checked:

Lastly, ensure that you are using the correct APN provided from Telus. I see that you are using ‘m2m.telus.iot’ but there are still APN errors:

1684964250 24/05/2023 21:37:30 emodem-The GSM modem INIT string failed (wrong APN,?) emodem-The GSM modem INIT string failed (wrong APN,?) ppp 79311 -27254

We are using FLB3205 (AT&T) - Sim Card from Telus BC Canada

What is the minimum signal strength required
I will call the Telus service provider and ask about the standard cellular data plan.
I already remove the global device address
I will ask the correct APN

I will get back with you.

We like to see a signal strength of at least 18 for a reliable connection. What type of antenna is used? Is the device located in a metal cabinet or are there other obstructions to the antenna?

Telus Service provider upgrade cellular data plan.
Change the APN to correct one.

We will relocate the Antenna on Monday.

We already adjust the position of the antenna. Where can i check the signal strength number.

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t see your response. See the following for info about the signal strength:

How are the different Ewon cellular signal strength indicators computed?

the signal now is good around 80 percent. we put it outside the building. But still I have a drop connection.

I would recommend trying a different cellular service provider.

Kyle its working now. We use AT&T service provider.



Great - thanks for the update!