Flexy 205 OPCUA client - opcua server not ready


I have a flexy 205 setup as an opcua client. My customer’s it manager received a request from the flexy to connect to the server and has accepted the request, but when i try to create tags i get opcua server not ready when i try browsing.

  • Is there a firewall between the Ewon and OPCUA Server?
  • Is the OPCUA Server connected to the Flexy on the LAN or WAN interface?
  • What type of OPCUA Server is this? Have you tested it with another client?
  • Are you using just the IP address of the OPCUA Server, a domain name, or is there a path in the Flexy’s settings? Can you share a screenshot of the settings?
  • Also, make sure that you have the OPCUA Client enabled and are following the instructions in the OPC UA Client Manual.