Flexy 205 Polling to Siemens 1500

I am having an issue when creating tags to poll from a Siemens S7-1500. I get a communication error on all data types that I have created. So currently for troubleshooting I am just using one tag “Q56.0”

Here are my current settings for I/O server and tag setup.
Water Jet 1 - S73&400 - Google Chrome

Hello @agneri,

It looks like the data received from the PLC does not match the tag setup. Do you know the data type for Q56? Start by removing the bit selector from the address and setting the type to match. Does this give you any errors?


The data type is a Bool in the PLC its a discreet output to a cylinder. Hence the bit selector.

This is with the bit selector removed and Bool is still selected.

subsequent errors

Do you get this error if you set the data type to int or double?


It seems so, yes. However, every time I manually set to integer or dword. It is changing back to automatic after updating.

Make sure you have “Permit access with PUTGET communication from remote partner (PLC, HMI, OPC…)” enabled on the plc. This might be causing the error you are seeing.


Okay, I will be able to try that in a couple of hours. Plant is currently running. I will be able to give you the results of that when I can do that.


At the moment this seems to be the issue. I am now receiving data. I overlooked the PUT/GET just based of not realizing the Flexy is executing its own put/get command to the plc.

I had forgotten this step myself, glad to hear it is working.