Flexy 205 tag issues


Using a Flexy 205 trying to communicate with a Allen Bradley micrologix 1400: I created a tag in the Flexy, but there is a red heart in the status column and it wont read the tag from my plc. I’ve entered DF1 under the server name and B3:4/0 in the address. Type Boolean. What am I doing wrong?



Did you configure the DF1 and Serial settings?


Ok, I updated my DF1 settings and everything works, thank you!




With a Flexy 205 is there a way to copy/backup all of the settings, tags, etc. that are programmed into it so that I can easily download them into another flexy that will be using all the same information?

Thank you,

Erik Gaskell


Hi Erik,

All of the settings and tags are stored in 2 text files, config.txt and comcfg.txt on the Flexy. You can download the files by either using FTP, the UI (under Diagnostic/Files Transfer), or using eBuddy to make a backup and extracting them from the .tar file. You can copy and paste your tags and then upload the new config file with FTP and the tags will be appended.

You can also use the Restore option in eBuddy to completely copy an entire device to another, however, this also copies the Talk2M info which needs to be unique to each device, so if you use this method you will want to make a backup of the device before running the VPN wizard.